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Ban Tai River Gardens. Samui. English version.

Ban Tai River Gardens became our home on the beautiful island of Koh Samui twice. This is the place where you want to return again and again, a place with its own atmosphere. And this is the best place on Samui.

We planned our Thailand’s trip in 2012 too quickly and spontaneously. We had only a month before departure. At first i planned a route to the islands, then I started to look for house, resort or villa. It was hard! We went to the high season December-January. There are many freelancers in Samui and there are many tourist  who come to spend the winter. Good accommodation at affordable prices booked long before winter. We absolutely don’t want stop at the hotel in Samui.

We had 15 days on the island and we would like to live in a house or villa. My husband ride a bike and we decided don’t live near the beach and the center of tourist life. We want privacy and tranquility, to feel like at home. Every day for several hours I looked booking.com, read reviews and study area of Koh Samui. This was our first time in Koh Samui, we didn’t know what and how to arrange for the island.

And here I found a free house in the Resort Ban Tai River Gardens. I looked up information and photos on the official website this resort. It was very nice! Here’s a link to the site http://www.river-gardens.com/Home.html

Beautiful houses, green areas, large swimming pool. Price per house was very pleasant — 1,000 Baht per night for two. Awesome! I click button — BOOKING! And  I don’t regret about  my decision.

Then back in January 2013, we arrived early in the morning on Koh Samui, arrived in Ban Tai River Gardens and fell in love with this resort at first sight. My husband and I were tired, noisy rattling luggage, disturbed the peace of this paradise at 8am. We were met by sleepy Richard — the hotel manager. So early our house was not ready yet. Richard gave us a bike, left our bags at his home and said where we can enjoy breakfast. We wasted no time, immediately made a circle on Samui. When we arrived back at Ban Tai River Gardens, our beautiful and comfortable home waited for us.

For 15 days we became friends with Richard and his wife Melissa. About them I have more to say in detail. All year we write with them on Facebook and when planning a trip to Thailand in 2014, there was no doubt where we’ll stay on Samui. Only Ban Tai River Gardens!


Ban Tai River Gardens is a small resort with 8 villas. It located in a quiet area of Ban Tai beach, between Maenam beach and Bang Po beach. Ban Tai is also very nice area. There are many private villas and houses for rent. Price for houses and villas ranges from the cheapest to 600 Baht per day, to the most expensive. In Ban Tai beach of a lot of foreigners, Russian is also quite. Especially a lot of family with kids. In the area there own atmosphere — peace and calmness. All very friendly and relaxed. What about security? This is a very safe area. Many people come for a run in the morning and mothers with kids go to the beach until the sun had not yet so much was hot. In this area a lot of palm groves, some even buffalo graze. Every time ride on bike i enjoy the views of the district.


Ban Tai River Gardens is located far from the noisy Chaweng, the bike ride 25 minutes. But if you take a bike or a car, then there is no problem for you. Ban Tai beach is beautiful, with white soft sand, with blue sea, with palm trees.


There are some cafes with cheap Thai and European food in Ban Tai area. On the main road is 7/11 shop and there are small shops with homes Thais. There are a Thai massage and a few bikes rentals.

Сontinue to talk about Ban Tai River Gardens.

As I said, Ban Tai River Gardens have 8 villas. Each has its own name: Iris, Tamarin, Hibiscus, Jasmine, Orchid, Magnolia, Neroli and Lotus.
In this villa Tamarin lives the Resort Manager Richard and his family.

The territory of resort  well-groomed and very green. Last year there was great, but now  it’s a paradise.

IMG_9582 IMG_9586

This year we have again arrived on Koh Samui the earliest flight from Bangkok at 7am. At 8 we were already in Ban Tai River Gardens. We met Richard, immediately moved in and introduced us to the little son Brice. And then we went with my sister to the pool, swimming and sunbathing in the morning sun. It was so good, the birds were singing, the breeze was blowing, the sun was hot, and the distance quietly playing Thai music. Even now, I want to press repeat and go back to that day.

Here’s a view from our villa.


Entry to the territory, residence houses.

IMG_9561 IMG_9564

Some villas are located near the pool. Our villa this year was Neroli.

Close to our villa there is Villa Jasmine. It is more then ours, there are two rooms — a bedroom, a living room and a large terrace.
Area next to ours and the neighboring villas. Beauty!

Villa Iris. This villa is the largest with two bedrooms, large lounge, two baths and terrace.


Villa Hibiscus. Villa with two separate bedrooms and a terrace.


Villas Orchid and Magnolia.




View of the villa Lotas.


Near the villa there is a summer house for Lotus relaxation.


On the territory of Ban Tai River Gardens is another big house. Such a beautiful entrance leads to the house.


Of course for such a wonderful atmosphere, landscaped grounds and tidy cozy villas should say thank you to the manager of the Resort. This Frenchman Richard. He lives and works in Ban Tai River Gardens 1,5 years. With him live his family — his wife Melissa and son Brice, who was born last year in Samui.

Melissa teaches at Ban Tai River Gardens yoga. Unfortunately I’ve never done yoga and ashamed to go to class unprepared. In general, Melissa goes to school half of our district. Classes are held several times a day from 7 am to 9 am, in a lovely atmosphere in the open area.

IMG_9587 IMG_9590

Richard and Melissa are very cool guys. Of course my English is not the best. But they were so easy to talk to, like always spoke English. Richard is always ready to help you organize trips to neighboring islands, to help kite surfing, rent a bike, and indeed with him just interesting to talk.

Unfortunately I don’t have a group photo with Richard and Melissa. I will take their overall photo with facebook, so you have seen what they are cool.


Pool! For pool a special thank you to Richard. This year it is completely removed chlorinate the pool, water is slightly salty and very soft. I tried to get up early every morning and swim in the pool. It is so keeps in tone.



And some more photos of Ban Tai River Gardens.

IMG_6717 IMG_9552

In general, if you are thinking to fly to Koh Samui and have not decided where to stay, do not even hesitate. Ban Tai River Gardens is ideal.

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